View Full Version : maxium text inserted?

02-02-2007, 01:47 PM
I have a textarea on a form the let users writes notes. The data type in mysql is set to text. The problem is that some notes get long, and are not being inserted into the db. Is there a max charters that can be inserted, if not what can be wrong?


02-02-2007, 02:18 PM
Set up a field wrong in the db?

02-02-2007, 02:41 PM
I have it a text in the db. I assume that would be correct. Right?

02-02-2007, 02:43 PM
Yeah sorry, I noticed you mentioned that after I posted, but I couldn't get back to edit it. How are you sending the info to the DB? By GET or POST?

02-02-2007, 02:49 PM
Sending it by POST

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