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11-26-2002, 04:01 PM
I'm trying to make bordered boxes using CSS and I can get the left, bottom, right, and corner graphics to appear, but I'm having problems getting the top border graphic to appear. The graphic image's uploaded and the url path is correct, but the image won't appear.

My CSS :
div.uborder {background-image:url(/hm1/img/uborder.gif); background-color:#DDB961; background-repeat:repeat-y; width:650px;}
div.rborder {background-image:url(/hm1/img/rborder.gif); background-position:top right; background-repeat:repeat-y;}
div.bborder {background-image:url(/hm1/img/bborder.gif);background-position:bottom left; background-repeat:repeat-x;}
div.lborder {background-image:url(/hm1/img/lborder.gif); background-repeat:repeat-y;}
div.ulcorner {background-image:url(/hm1/img/cborder.gif); background-position:top left; background-repeat:no-repeat;}
div.urcorner {background-image:url(/hm1/img/cborder.gif); background-position:top right; background-repeat:no-repeat;}
div.blcorner {background-image:url(/hm1/img/cborder.gif); background-position:bottom left; background-repeat:no-repeat;}
div.brcorner {background-image:url(/hm1/img/cborder.gif); background-position:bottom right; background-repeat:no-repeat;}
div.content {width:100%; padding:10px 14px; font-family:verdana, arial; font-size:10px;}

My test page:

Any ideas?

- C

11-26-2002, 04:15 PM
div.uborder { ... background-repeat:repeat-y; ... }

Should be: repeat-x;

11-26-2002, 04:20 PM
my god I am such a moron :o duuur de duuuuur...

- C

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