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  1. PHP information sites
  2. Questions :)
  3. Calling CGI from PHP
  4. php regex and number formatting
  5. Learning PHP ... ??
  6. Creating a web server on the PC
  7. can some one give me instructions on how to set up a vb light on my server?
  8. I can't find that darn DZip trick anymore...
  9. remote GD version testing
  10. Inserting html tags into forms
  11. checking string for '
  12. Mysql help
  13. Help I need phpdev4_5NT.exe Now
  14. Member login problems
  15. PHP code request--gallery/popup
  16. preg_replace()
  17. Session Help
  18. Help
  19. HELP me please
  20. Insert a string into a string
  21. Sending email to groups from list/menu
  22. PHP, more versitile everyday!
  23. Need a Vast Amount of Help
  24. user's language
  25. ip stuff and so on
  26. Problem displaying text in file-boxes
  27. Running PHP+MySQL thru Apache @ home
  28. Setting up an online store - what's needed?
  29. Please!! HELP ME!!
  30. generation time
  31. Validating whether string contains llegal chars
  32. Passing variable to cgi script
  33. Getting directory name
  34. can any one help me please?
  35. Message Boards
  36. Problems with uploader
  37. Function of Includes without PHP
  38. Servers
  39. addslashes() adding to many slashes ?
  40. $page = output of php-parser ???
  41. finding image
  42. POP3 and PHP
  43. deleteing directories
  44. Displaying a portion of a result set
  45. Going through a txt file
  46. please help me
  47. How to get going
  48. I want to start using PHP - tips?
  49. Cookies or sessions?
  50. PHP Hosting
  51. Mailinglist
  52. Parsing XML with PHP
  53. Instructions for setting up MySQL and PHP
  54. PHP and POP3 Mailbox
  55. Some Questions from a Newbie
  56. converting now() ?
  57. Allocating space limits to directories
  58. Tutorials and Books
  59. validation help
  60. Files......
  61. creating mail box with pop3
  62. Converting characters to font colors.
  63. Uploading Stuff
  64. Stupid Parsing "Error"
  65. Value=0 is not a value?
  66. Display values without decimals?
  67. Image Exists?
  68. XML loaed from a database?
  69. Sessions problem
  70. Dynamic includes?
  71. Overwriting image
  72. help with simple form php code
  73. Directories
  74. Something like qq~Text~; (from Perl) in PHP?
  75. newbie with questions on site access
  76. Online page editor
  77. quick advice needed for newibe
  78. Member Login
  79. unlink()?
  80. <?=$stuff?>
  81. Free message boards
  82. JavaScript/PHP
  83. php changing color bg code help
  84. login.php grrrrrrrrrrrr
  85. I don't know how to use phpmyadmin2.3.0
  86. MY codes not working
  87. Problem with file
  88. Fatal error: Call to undefined function: dbconnect()
  89. Include into a target
  90. Thanks guys. Decided to abandon that signup script, got a old one, it works but....
  91. Please Help Me With This Sign In Code
  92. Editing a login code that can be both login and log out
  93. Sending an email with attachement
  94. form keeps showing password at the top of the address bar
  95. Xmb
  96. copy image
  97. date issues with php and mysql
  98. Sending email and Sending notices to yourself
  99. how can i update my website news automatically?
  100. String concatination
  101. Problem with zip script
  102. accesscontrol code (and then that's IT, i'll be done) password won't match
  103. mordred!!!!
  104. Anybody offer some help to me?
  105. usernames using md5 ???
  106. php installation errors
  107. array -- parse and insert into mysql db
  108. zip file running, error - Call to undefined function: gzcompress()
  109. How do you pause until a certain action occurs? How to use check boxes?
  110. arranging in alphabetical order
  111. Storing info in MySQL, with PHP
  112. Registering via a form problem
  113. Poll script multiple vote protection
  114. From PHP want to show html plus included dynamic content
  115. Memberís area help
  116. Help
  117. Backslash shows up in textarea content save to file?
  118. checkboxes, submit values, and other stuff
  119. Are PHP code always executed on the server end?
  120. browser-based HTML editing source code
  121. php form to generate a html document
  122. Http sockets
  123. Php manual anybody?
  124. Referencing parent directory?
  125. Getting number of days for last month
  126. session information going between .html and .php files
  127. Shopping cart development with sessions
  128. change a variable
  129. Distinguishing submit from refresh?
  130. How do I avoid division by zero error?
  131. email url that will open email php
  132. enabling PHP on C:\ Drive
  133. php and crontab
  134. help with simple regular expression code
  135. calling in from mysql, a bit more than that...
  136. Uploading files to my email address
  137. Restricting instances in data
  138. removing "\"
  139. using include() from nested folders
  140. user implication using databases
  141. small php issue
  142. Newbie...What is PHP capable of?
  143. Mail Form QUA
  144. How Can I Start Server Side Scripting?
  145. Including PHP within Javascript code
  146. Stipping off Xtra carrige returns.
  147. string replace JUST Words...
  148. Include and arrays
  149. help with starting php -- help!
  150. How do they do that?
  151. phpMyAdmin question...?
  152. Adding colum data from select results
  153. Error with making login page...!
  154. My e-mail system doesn't work help!
  155. Need member login functionality
  156. PHP books
  157. code for "if check box is checked..."?
  158. mail codes
  159. Creating forums with database files and not servers
  160. Making functions
  161. a variable and a function and stuff
  162. ->
  163. Forgot password?
  164. Referencing second dimension of 2d array
  165. Need Help With InvisionBoard...
  166. Subimbedded statement for relative path
  167. News Managers
  168. Check Boxes?
  169. Interesting thing I just learned about outputting text
  170. Ok, retrieving passwords, this is what i wanna do.
  171. session_start keeps failing
  172. debug and test
  173. Code to say that the email is in use, or code to say that certain fields are missing
  174. Can't upload using Jack's FormMail.php
  175. Using function libraries with my PHP Script. How?
  176. Email & Credit Card Validation functions
  177. Scritp that allows someone to upload data to a database and it posts immediatedly
  178. How often do you use OOP in PHP?
  179. Code for extracting files online?
  180. requesting a form processor
  181. What is the Best Way to Learn PHP/MySQL
  182. phpMyAdmin Config File Question?
  183. Include, require, require_once
  184. Passing a file to the user
  185. Set up DB Now What? <Newbie Question
  186. php and oracle
  187. Need some help using JavaScript with PHP
  188. how to make "pic of the day" script?
  189. Help on Passing big arrays to another page.
  190. I don't want to show form after entring
  191. validation of video
  192. What did i do to phpMyAdmin
  193. PHP script
  194. last url visited
  195. Free PHP testing
  196. Function / Constant returning path of current file...
  197. How do I get the user's IP?
  198. form question .. please help !
  199. string trouble
  200. Recommend a Friend
  201. Passing String with URL Problem?
  202. while .... Please help
  203. socket_read()
  204. IMAP access
  205. e-mail redirection - HOW?
  206. 1 Layout, $PutInBody, Folder.. Support
  207. Passing Hidden Variables
  208. setting cookies
  209. script that tells stats
  210. Session debug help
  211. Project help wanted - opensource
  212. well....what am I doing wrong ?
  213. EmailForm
  214. extract() and globals
  215. PHP equivalent of response buffer true?
  216. PHP help getting started
  217. Iptc
  218. Calling functions defined in included files.
  219. if I wanna count the number of slashes in a url ??
  220. Still need guidance
  221. My Security Hole
  222. or in php
  223. install 4.0.6 with installer 4.2.2
  224. Multidimensional array sorting problem
  225. Accessing my remote php files
  226. Source Variable
  227. passing variables
  228. Grabbing HREF
  229. Nothing shows up HELP!
  230. Problem with $_POST vars
  231. something about hidden form fields perhaps...
  232. array size question
  233. PHP and Sendmail
  234. any php admin recommended?
  235. Setcookie Expires
  236. Email attachment using web form
  237. URLs and TEXT fields
  238. Saving variables for new windows to upload into database
  239. Creating a login system- use sessions or cookies?
  240. Getting File Size
  241. doesn't want to execute.
  242. Images and php
  243. if...
  244. $_server['http_referer']
  245. $ don't display
  246. image loading
  247. is this only a helping forum?
  248. how to do PHP pages
  249. I can't even install module. Doh!
  250. For and While Question

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