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  1. Trying to make .html pages with Php
  2. php help
  3. problem with function
  4. imagegettftext transparent holes
  5. members on site
  6. Video Gallery
  7. made my mind to learn php
  8. Assigning values to an Array
  9. Get the contents of src in an img tag
  10. MP3 File Upload
  11. auto submitting to a form using CURL
  12. Store Image in Database
  13. use another class within one class
  14. preg_match
  15. Add to Shopping Cart
  16. Error Need Help
  17. 16 digit unique number
  18. Reading input from form elements
  19. Date conversion
  20. Trying to parse PHP into a Javascript.
  21. addslashes() issue
  22. Mysql Date & Time with Timezone
  23. Help me with my login form :|
  24. sending email with SMTP authentication (on port 26)
  25. HELP! - I get space on top when I try to include
  26. Simple Mod Rewrite Question
  27. mysql OR statement output
  28. how to use php to reset value
  29. dir() and reading directory with ut8 (special) character
  30. php: give access to half of my site to correct id/pass ?
  31. First post -- help a noob, please.
  32. Create .BIN with Zend?
  33. bilingual site navigation problem
  34. how to put value of an input type file
  35. Regarding paging navigation library or a function
  36. PEAR validate
  37. getting notified
  38. GD Library Help
  39. php over IIS 7.0 (Windows vista ultimate)
  40. Sending email from another server
  41. appointment help
  42. Question about Select Query VERY URGENT
  43. php question
  44. Organizing database output.
  45. php syntax <? problem
  46. How to parse a file from checkbox input?
  47. Redirecting and deleting old pages
  48. Problem with popup message
  49. Sending variable from one php file to another
  50. An easy question - new lines in code
  51. Urgen reply from the Genius Developers
  52. Using File handling, and time manipulation within lines
  53. Changing /redir/?q= --> /redir?q=
  54. Problems with creating a CAPTCHA image
  55. Error Display - Security risk?
  56. file_get_contents - Return PHP?
  57. decimal number dispaly
  58. link finder regex
  59. Read XLS file
  60. Count article view
  61. Finding Unique Records Then Count Them
  62. Best way to read contents of remote file
  63. Drop Down Menu - Displaying PHP Elements
  64. php email
  65. ModRewrite affecting DOCUMENT_ROOT
  66. Login Script Difficulty?
  67. Question about Insert Query = VERY URGENT
  68. Sending a form to another page ???
  69. Stupid problem: counting page views
  70. Low-level automatic change in addresses (from "http://.." to "https://..") in php.ini
  71. simple regex
  72. How to retrive check box values and related static text using a link
  73. New to PHP, copied script to export to excel from sql
  74. new to php need mailer help
  75. it doesnt recognize OOP??
  76. Accessing a form array in key=>value form
  77. Outputting data from a mySQL table
  78. Submitting with " <-- quotes
  79. Problem In Passing Variables
  80. Print out results from a MySQL Query
  81. $_SESSION value gets cleared moving to another page
  82. Comparing Image Sizes?
  83. mysqli_num_rows expects???
  84. Sorting a Multi-Dimensional Array
  85. Replace Previous Uploaded Image
  86. Can't login after loggin out!!!!!
  87. Resize Uploaded Image
  88. Editing a text or xml file
  89. help with a phpbb integration (x messages in inbox)
  90. Choose append point in PHP
  91. errors with login script
  92. Looking for BETA Testers.
  93. Sending php variables
  94. Making a PDF
  95. Trying to get php to fill in alt tags
  96. Query failed
  97. Email sending problem
  98. displaying table names
  99. set time zone and print day and date in PHP 4
  100. the same thread over and over??
  101. header already modified [resolved]
  102. Creating thumbnail not working
  103. Email Question
  104. PHP to enter mysql data
  105. Doubt about Session registration forms.
  106. Logging Text Files
  107. php and user form
  108. PHP Request a brochure tutorial
  109. Re:Problem connecting to the remote oracle using PHP and ADODB
  110. Optimizing mysql queries
  111. optimizing code
  112. circle in php
  113. Need Help with Menu
  114. Storing Site Verbiage in a Table
  115. Checking page size/whether image exists.
  116. Help with pregmatch
  117. Get base URL
  118. php download scripts
  119. Saving a webpage to the webserver
  120. SQL INNER JOIN query
  121. What to encrypt an uploaded text file
  122. Why does my page save a textarea wrongly?
  123. Activating a Variable
  124. Reporting errors on a multi-page form
  125. Wild Card current link
  126. How to use a Javascript variable in PHP
  127. Text file database editor
  128. Error when including file in php
  129. multiply arrays
  130. get_headers() alternative in php4
  131. Email problem-SMTP server name not known
  132. use gmail server to send mail
  133. script exe time
  134. display array value only if present
  135. array problems
  136. good CAPTCHA script
  137. Desperately need help please :)
  138. Hidden Values for selections on Form
  139. affiliate links
  140. [SOLVED] PHP CLI returning 255
  141. Displaying MySQL Records in a Table
  142. Resizing code
  143. PHP link help
  144. sending data from one array to another
  145. Basic Code
  146. CSS and random image question?
  147. A long-winded plea...
  148. is this normal regex or my php is messed up
  149. fgetcsv() splitting at enclosed delimiters
  150. If the time now is a new hour then...
  151. keeping selection in drop down box after submit form
  152. Screen Scrape
  153. make sure all script finish loading?
  154. How to resize images automatically
  155. City, Providence, Country Location Script?
  156. using XHTML in PHP template smarty
  157. phpbb mysql While loop not looping
  158. Encrypting and Protecting your PHP Code.
  159. Session Question
  160. PHP Uploads Return Timeout
  161. Timed Session Kill
  162. Paypal developer API help
  163. sql join query
  164. outputting links
  165. array to string help
  166. File not uploaded
  167. Radio box selection hell :(
  168. Best way to proceed with FTP operations?
  169. Email validation
  170. if true go to next line
  171. select OPTION not SELECTED - Am I losing my mind?
  172. ASP Cookies with PHP
  173. Date Output to Age Output from YYYY-MM-DD
  174. Map IP to unique creative identifier
  175. mysql time zone
  176. Basic Formmail PHP Help Needed!
  177. Ssl
  178. ? and " in GET url
  179. Mail Form
  180. Writing to XML
  181. Working with Arrays
  182. Sending EMail in php
  183. preg_replace help
  184. How much work do I need to do to become good at regex in php?
  185. Default view with php generated .docs
  186. Few questions about email sending in php
  187. Searching for a Senior PHP coder with exp with screen scraping...
  188. Sef selfRelToAbs question
  189. Saving with variables
  190. PHP character encoding issues
  191. php redirect after headers
  192. Paypal help please
  193. call the first url and appear the second in a php/mysql site ?
  194. Working with Submit Buttons and PHP
  195. Require a perl file from within a php page
  196. A very silly query question...
  197. URL Encoding
  198. Generate SHA256 in php4
  199. Using PHP to generate XML for RSS feed
  200. Showing only a certain amount of characters from a value
  201. logging into a subdomain from a top level domain
  202. MDB2 Error: constraint violation
  203. $_POST and array
  204. Switch Statement
  205. Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument Error
  206. Sessions Problem
  207. Image manipulation practices
  208. Simple Date Question (Changing Formats)
  209. Generate random IDs/strings in classes
  210. Searching E-mails
  211. Resize Function
  212. What's wrong with my php installation?
  213. Comment box in php & mysql INSERT variables into a table?
  214. PHP Facebook share template
  215. [RESOLVEd] Paginate a result
  216. how to replace an array of textboxes
  217. Function works once but not again?
  218. using the array_unique function
  219. PHP and DCOM
  220. Comparing a variable against an array and outputting data from a directly proportiona
  221. any script that will show if user is online?
  222. Problem with Contact Form - Please help!!
  223. vixy.net clone script
  224. Uploading mp3s
  225. apache php?
  226. Debugging advice
  227. Get current week number?
  228. php issue displaying
  229. auth_digest_module garbled Apache 2.2.4/ php 5.2.4
  230. Return RGB from Selected Area
  231. Can't use function return value in write context
  232. PHP - Unable to Load Dynamic Library. - Extension Problem (FFMPEG-PHP)
  233. Image safety.
  234. help in search and replace
  235. problems with strtotime function
  236. PHP and phpMyAdmin help needed
  237. 3 combobox linked doubt php
  238. Is table empty?
  239. Failed to connect socket
  240. SQL syntax error with PHP variables
  241. interdependent select boxes
  242. session_start();
  243. Password Protected 'Login' for Comments
  244. Script for site like rapidshared.org
  245. problem with get button
  246. RSS Xml output using php
  247. php newsreader and feed aggregator
  248. correcting the syntax
  249. NVM fixed it myself :P
  250. php error showing

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