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  1. posting RSS feeds from another site to yours
  2. calculate 1st Tuesday ea. January?
  3. php script validators
  4. word wrap not working in mozilla
  5. Where can I get PHP/Pear extension?
  6. CAPTCHA help!
  7. removing all www.
  8. One more try - simple 'registration' script
  9. php -post to another site
  10. Displaying an Array problem
  11. how to convert tiff to jpg with php?
  12. PHP Freaky Double Twist
  13. Php driving me nutz!
  14. MYSQL data to an array
  15. Problem with menu
  16. PHP/HTML calculation
  17. how to convert hex strings to ascii
  18. need help - duplicate search results problem.
  19. Is this a server problem or a code problem?
  20. I'm brand new to the whole sessions thing/PHP and...
  21. Array Help
  22. easy regular expression help plz
  23. Regex Help... Again :(
  24. Strange error while connecting other server.... Plz help me
  25. Date display in php
  26. exec and shell_exec
  27. Using javascript in a php document
  28. Error uploading to database with ' character
  29. php issue
  30. Form Post file upload not working for large files
  31. Errors with main site // forum // useronline -- Help :(
  32. Retrieve All Unknown Post Data
  33. click on image.
  34. Typo somewhere?
  35. Wont update the DB..help
  36. What would cause such a problem.....
  37. mail error
  38. need help!!!
  39. dynamic image viewer using php and javascript
  40. Why not?
  41. html code within php code?
  42. Advise on Print then redirect
  43. problems with custom php.ini
  44. tree structure of directory
  45. php image host script problem
  46. download.php
  47. unwanted negative numbers
  48. passing an ID field through to PHP
  49. PHP send mail script is annoying me
  50. File Upload
  51. displaying code with different colors
  52. MySQL Backup
  53. Counter resetting for some reason
  54. help with for()
  55. problems with customer support system
  56. ID Counter Problems.
  57. PHP To Remember Last Page Visited
  58. check variable against an array of words
  59. Returning Primary Key
  60. use srt_replace many times
  61. Redirecting HTTP requests
  62. PHP and my javascript requires ' Apostrophes
  63. Viewing multiple fields in dynamic dropdowns.
  64. 'Form to mail' script
  65. upload to server and image resize problem...
  66. calling on a mysql query & session through php
  67. Who Is online
  68. PHP Calendar
  69. send mail but no smtp
  70. php array_unique question
  71. Confirmation on this code for a Dynamic Signature
  72. pagination
  73. IP Image
  74. PHP Contact forms working in FF, not in IE
  75. PHP Protect
  76. Save snapshot web camera
  77. Multiple variables from one drop down box
  78. Php array into a javascript array
  79. Linking Functions to Data Displayed on Page
  80. Radio button problem in AJAX
  81. updating mysql table data from another table
  82. Move to next page on a form
  83. Allowing user to return and finish survey later
  84. Critically Important...
  85. Help with deleting files
  86. mysql insert query
  87. changing all '&id=' to '&sn=' in php script
  88. PHP code for a cookie at webpage MAY USED TO OTHER WEBPAGES/SAME FOLDER
  89. creating new pages using php
  90. how to compare 2 arrays ?
  91. Problem with writing cookie in IE
  92. How to add symbol?
  93. About Zend
  94. Retrieve Auto incrimented field?
  95. priority records
  96. Help with syntax
  97. session problems
  98. Having trouble with if statements
  99. using fwrite
  100. Mailing using php
  101. Can somone help me with a php e-mail form
  102. connection to mysql table fails - basic
  103. PHP audio recorder
  104. how to echo out the group query result
  105. Can 1 script perform both a dropdown selection and a radio button choice ?
  106. spoofing HTTP_REFERER?
  107. Help with WordPress, somebody who knows it well!
  108. how to make words like \\t\h\e\\ in some echos
  109. 1'st' 2'nd 3'rd' etc
  110. sorting multidimensional array
  111. Separating list items by "|"
  112. unzip
  113. fopen
  114. ordering by month
  115. Troublesome PHP Install on Win2k3 IIS
  116. Password Protect
  117. What is this scripts name??
  118. ssl and session issue
  119. Something wrong with while()... help
  120. Null value calulation?
  121. create popup window
  122. Using PHP to connect to a foxpro database
  123. Static site to blog...
  124. How to add flood control (like captcha) this form ?
  125. get text from my other website
  126. Linking php pages.
  127. Can somone help me with PHP?
  128. help to understand this code
  129. Select
  130. Display entire table and edit?
  131. Problem with mail
  132. mail() - not sending on local server
  133. Search your website
  134. a question if anyone knows what im talking about
  135. PHP Crawl Links
  136. Working with date()
  137. Problem with New Records from an Online Form
  138. user customized css file and security
  139. Excel to mysql conversion
  140. Archive question
  141. Anyone know a good tutorial for a shopping cart without a database?
  142. regexp/preg replace
  143. change filename to lowercase
  144. Converting mysql query to pdf?
  145. fopen() confusion.
  146. Upgrade to PHP 5.2 problem
  147. programming a search engine
  148. check activation status when login
  149. Help with simple mysql query and php
  150. problem with user login
  151. Showing Files On a Server
  152. How to set many variables to same value
  153. Get rid of notices
  154. Writing to cron via a script
  155. no compile, no debugger
  156. Continuous forms
  157. PHP Download Problem -Urgent I Want To Download This Over Night-
  158. E-mailing form results to me
  159. Adding Alt Text???
  160. Select Distinct not picking unique records
  161. Looking for Contact Form Help
  162. Have to Refresh to submit data to MySql via PHP
  163. Headers Already Sent -> ob_start?
  164. cant run simple page
  165. need help with register
  166. page edit user interface (php/MySQL)
  167. error abt my sql_connect
  168. fuction to extract words
  169. basic php mysql knowledge, setting up, adding removing record
  170. Very simple but won't work
  171. running php
  172. Not sure how to deal with this query
  173. Site mapper
  174. uploading to amazon marketplace
  175. Send User to Appropriate Page After Login (How do I?)
  176. php / appache wrong $_SERVER[REQUEST_URI]
  177. How to lower warning flag on IIS for PHP
  178. Bold and tabs
  179. Login?
  180. Mail function errors
  181. Php-Cookies-Affiliate Program- Help!
  182. Whats the problem with the link and button
  183. Insert Row After X Amount?
  184. MYSQL database not loading, and stopping general page from loading!
  185. PHP Link Crawler
  186. How to create a dynamic self-updating pages
  187. What site is the user trying to access
  188. attach multiple numbers and store in db
  189. search box - searching non database content
  190. can someone help me with this trim and conditional statement
  191. variables in sql query's
  192. New to PHP
  193. Where am I going wrong
  194. PHP authenticate Windows account
  195. Online Quote Sessions
  196. Wrong SQL Syntax
  197. Inserting Excel Sheet data into Mysql; does not work
  198. string problem
  199. Dynamic function generation using include()?
  200. PHP in Javascript
  201. DOM functions
  202. send to a friend help
  203. automatic watermark generator onto images
  204. How do I combine these two pieces of code?
  205. Displaying Last 5 Records
  206. Pulling ID from MySQL and using as a hidden field
  207. fileupload help?
  208. getting script.aculo.us sortable in PHP
  209. php email script
  210. Page script
  211. PHP problems
  212. Grouping Arrays?
  213. need help with email script unexpected t_string error
  214. mysql query failed
  215. This problem is MIND BOGGLING
  216. problem with nested variables
  217. login
  218. how to get usefel data from string
  219. SYSDATE() views
  220. PHP froms - line breaks between body elements?
  221. why will this not work ???
  222. Cookies trouble...
  223. Convert numbers format...
  224. Preg_match
  225. php aligment
  226. How many members live in which city
  227. best way to Authentication
  228. Can someone please help me debug my image gallery script
  229. Speed issues with weighted randomizer
  230. Breaking up Field Value (doable?)
  231. PHP database problem
  232. performance
  233. php templates
  234. Pausing after echo
  235. php_self
  236. PHP Submitting News (Query Error)
  237. position:absolute inside position:relative in Firefox
  238. Cookie Problems
  239. echo html code - how to escape underscore
  240. Protect PHP with gzinflate
  241. using php and html together
  242. thumbshot class
  243. Background is repeated
  244. Deleting an array element by value
  245. preg_replace for capitalising?
  246. Can I use PHP to check client input?
  247. 403 Forbidden & Pagination problems - related???
  248. Search form post to new page's iframe?
  249. number of idems for each category
  250. what's wrong with my code?

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