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  1. Image Upload (multiple images at once)
  2. Form problems
  3. Left() in PHP?
  4. [URGENT] Adding an htaccess user
  5. Archived post
  6. mysql row output in 2 colums
  7. php equiv
  8. Some small email form questions
  9. Forum with PHP
  10. A question on how PHP handles sessions and how it should be declared.
  11. Getting data out of $_POST using foreach()?
  12. Variable's posting problem
  13. Need help with PHP
  14. problem with register script
  15. Could not work on Fedora3
  16. Preg help...
  17. using php authentication box
  18. When I added the block last seen I get this error mesg
  19. Database("related" scsript)
  20. How to point to another page for email thankyou message
  21. How do i pull a value from a javascript menu in a PHP form?
  22. using PHP in xhtml
  23. Ordering and Arranging from Mysql database
  24. str_ireplace function..
  25. different sort of dropdown....
  26. Creating a txt file in PHP?
  27. Mailer script error
  28. Using PHP & MySQL to display images...
  29. name.php?id=
  30. How to display current temperature
  31. Getting multiple values from List Box
  32. Looking to Download Alot of Scripts
  33. database question
  34. simple filter but ..?
  35. problem while post data to other page
  36. Need a script to search forum
  37. How to use one FORM against different entries
  38. haveing problem with code
  39. Large Database Synchronization
  40. Quick question about some Parse error (unexpecte T_ENCAPSED...)
  41. Adding SMTP settings to php mail script
  42. Parallel Processing in PHP
  43. Why should one include \n at the end of the "From" field?
  44. Categorizing a blog post under MORE than one category
  45. Limit MySQL Query Results....
  46. PHP Online text messaging
  47. How do you disable warnings in PHP?
  48. Multiple form actions
  49. The $_POST array and mysql insert problem
  50. separating variables
  51. Cloaking URL?
  52. Keeping session alive
  53. Emails are going in Junk instead of Inbox
  54. scope
  55. Change & to %26
  56. Big help needed, please!
  57. If no UPDATE....INSERT
  58. find a mailing list script?
  59. Searching mysql with php help!
  60. mkdir & unlink question!
  61. Multithreading with PHP
  62. Make PHP file and zip for download
  63. Someone help with members script
  64. upload doc with form
  65. Search engine, how to? Pre-coded Script?
  66. send POST data from a server
  67. update xml file from html form
  68. Printing address labels from web database
  69. smart refresh to my script
  70. I'm confused
  71. Copying the contents of one file to another
  72. Validating markup
  73. Is it possible to send page through aim using php?
  74. Hellp
  75. Script Speed Problem
  76. all program on my website
  77. How to prevent attacks - Verification procedure in email forms
  78. PHP MySQL and Header Redirection Problem! (Please Help)
  79. Mail Function Problems
  80. Shopping Cart Delete Button.
  81. Can someone help me from receiving these spam messages through contact form
  82. <SELECT> Help needed
  83. php 4 _GET problem
  84. PHPBB Login Integration w/ my dynamic site
  85. Fatal error on page
  86. regarding one php code
  87. Formatting Output?
  88. Quick question about site structure using php
  89. Performing addition
  90. help me to connect excel & php
  91. problem in login page
  92. problem in INCLUDE a FILE
  93. Editing PHP File
  94. how to apply themes
  95. Displaying Articles on a Single Dynamic Page
  96. Can we pass object through sessions
  97. sessions
  98. PHP/Apache & fopen() HELP!
  99. problem with for... else... statement for searching database
  100. PHP Email form
  101. how to write a loop for coping all line between two lines from a text file
  102. php templating?
  103. Safe to use cookies
  104. Installing GD for PHP 4.3.10 WinXP IIS
  105. Dynamic Thumbnails
  106. dynamic urls
  107. random selection out of MySQL results
  108. [solved] Intermingling most current "Posted" and "Updated" MySQL query results
  109. Modifying values in a multidimensional array
  110. [SOLVED] IF Statement Matrix - Too many options
  111. Help! with scraping form results (with cURL?)
  112. Code error
  113. Code to list newest posts of a forum
  114. Checking if a site is accessible?
  115. Email completed order form in HTML format
  116. PHP Varible Help
  117. Please God Help Im Losing The Will To Lve!
  118. Select value from listbox
  119. Predictable array shuffle
  120. Time Problem
  121. Curious mail() problem
  122. a simple problem
  123. trouble with MIME types
  124. returning a checkbox array - help with code
  125. Hit Counter Resetting Itself To Zero At Random
  126. Is thedre a reason to use EMPTY()
  127. Feedback form not 100%
  128. Finding & replacing text at the start of a string..
  129. Counting Numbers in Column
  130. outputing images from a php script,how?
  131. protecting files in a folder
  132. urlencode()/urldecode()
  133. Date
  134. Altering some search code
  135. getting a remove webpage?
  136. Show Server Address
  137. htaccess login
  138. How do you only show a certain number of words from the database
  139. storing values in combo box
  140. problem while access value to other page
  141. Installing phpdev on a USB-stick
  142. Form processing in PHP
  143. manage content (passing variables problem?)
  144. Adding server info to uploader
  145. login form
  146. MySQL file parsing
  147. Previous Link
  148. Kind of a mailing list
  149. You are my last chance (templating issue)
  150. How to attach menubar with our form using php
  151. How to i put a tick box that is required to be ticked?
  152. sending multiple mails
  153. SMTP Injections in php email form
  154. IP block script
  155. cookies
  156. Reading Remote Page Data??
  157. Show all files with prefix admin-
  158. phpdev
  159. Pages...
  160. Encrypt work?
  161. row table placement
  162. Need help on this editing script...plz
  163. php include in a template file
  164. basic (small-scale) search
  165. Array Questions
  166. Need help printing an array into an HTML table
  167. Form processing
  168. disable access for higher level folders
  169. PHP 5 & XML
  170. How to make that...
  171. mysql_fetch_array in a function
  172. PHP Countdown
  173. Function, Submit & Variable issues
  174. Speed check
  175. Update DB using other than submit form
  176. Include function - Submit data Example
  177. loading a form's action page without having to use a submit button
  178. PHP Photo Gallery
  179. How to use the gif image that says 'Loading'
  180. Diary Software
  181. RSS Feed (No "channel" or "item")
  182. Displaying Profile using php , cascade, and mysql.
  183. How To Save Form Data To A Text File?
  184. RSS and HTTP headers
  185. Please wrap PHP codes using the [PHP][/PHP] tag
  186. OScommerce question
  187. PHP Squisher?
  188. aspell configuration
  189. reading text file?
  190. Is there available script
  191. useing switch statement
  192. Viewing service and op system code?
  193. PHP Error
  194. fsockopen() and ip address(es)...
  195. Do you think my random code for adsense/gif-banners will work in a vbulletin template
  196. php use
  197. problems with charset iso-8859-1 / UTF-8
  198. Next-Previous function needs help
  199. problem inserting form info into mysql database
  200. Using basic php for multiple page site?
  201. PHP Problem Please Help!
  202. delete query does not work in php script (resolved)
  203. Function : Submit issues
  204. Global Submission
  205. Code Optimisation Assitance
  206. PHP arrays question
  207. passing variables through a link
  208. Code for closing an internet page
  209. Using RegEx to only allow one lowercase letter?
  210. Problem Posting Variable URL w/ PHPBB User Integration
  211. Reading a txt file one line at a time.
  212. new an easy to use & integrate with existing site login & privilages verify module
  213. Should only be adding +1 but is adding more..
  214. Will someone school me on Register_Globals
  215. Copying records??
  216. Accessing files on network server with PHP
  217. PHP Cheet Sheet (link inside)
  218. Passing *hidden* POST variables in a redirect?
  219. fsockopen() issue
  220. PHP include function not working!
  221. Problem with email validation code
  222. Switch Based On Contents Of URL
  223. Add bz2 extension to PHP
  224. problem sending XML query via cURL
  225. Extract HTML Email & Change Into Dynamic Include Page?
  226. PHP Mail - I'm having some troubles figuring out how to get variables/infomation
  227. phpmailer addaddress
  228. how to read headers?
  229. Put different characters before every char in a string (odd request I know..)
  230. validate username w/ preg_match
  231. AND.....stupid question
  232. php web service
  233. mail() and header() clashing
  234. Difference in :: and new
  235. php/mysql form
  236. If statment not working
  237. Folwoing ECHO will not display in Firefox?
  238. Make An Array Into A Variable
  239. best way to compare Strings for words, for a Test
  240. Speed of Switch vs If Else
  241. Retriving more than one row in php from mysql
  242. [SOLVED] While / For Loop - Extract data
  243. a problem regarding dateadd and whie loop
  244. Cookie gets deleted when the browser closes.
  245. Headers sent woes : ob_start()??
  246. verifying authentication - are sessions best?
  247. php mail() form - Changing The FROM email
  248. Domain Name/URL extract
  249. The function of @
  250. php include

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