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  1. Searching Arrays
  2. PHP Explode
  3. Simple Question
  4. form submit removes decimals - how to replace
  5. getting querystring data in php?
  6. Create new page
  7. Problem with uploading
  8. image in php
  9. Quote BB code tag
  10. do...while loop not working????
  11. How to track the total number of logged in members
  12. Help please!
  13. Time Left
  14. preg_replace - regex question
  15. PHP FORM not working...
  16. disallow extention,,
  17. foreach not working
  18. Password protected and Security of File
  19. Previous Next Problem (pageable data)
  20. problem with 'for' loop....
  21. Guestbook Anti-Spam Help
  22. Updating Tables and User Input
  23. $a->b()->c() no go in php
  24. creating an array from data read from a db
  25. How to set permssion through ftp server
  26. Getting sort by filename functionality to ignore case
  27. I am brand new to PHP but know some codes. But I need help with the page reading it.
  28. how to upload mysql database file to any server
  29. query syntax error?
  30. Uploading an image.
  31. Detecting an internet connection without ping
  32. POST & GET question
  33. Upload zip file
  34. Moderator ability on log out
  35. 'for' loop stufffff
  36. recreating and replacing database column values
  37. How to clear the data inside session variables?
  38. help! trying to sort data w/ checkboxes
  39. undefined function mysql_connect()
  40. images
  41. searching mysql DB using PHP
  42. useing ?name=blah - Some help
  43. fsockopen() and http://sitename.com connection
  44. Do HTML files using PHP Have to be saved as .php?
  45. postnuke - im locked out of my own website!!!
  46. Php programmer required for ambitious project
  47. invalid result source
  48. Random String Generator
  49. Writing "your version is" based on ?v="blah" in address to page
  50. not accessing some sessions
  51. Using Select OnChange and Update Database
  52. Can somone help me decipher an error with php and mySql?
  53. mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  54. how to auto check the radio button???
  55. removing web form fields with no value
  56. Resize Image pulled from MYSQL
  57. Function Question Help!
  58. Using arrays in cookies?
  59. PHP problem for game rankings in a cms
  60. PHP/JS/SQL related question
  61. help debugging please
  62. PHP efficiency/server load question
  63. INSERT query acting kinda fun-ny
  64. referring websites...
  65. how to make certain authentication???
  66. redirection not working properly??
  67. Help needed with rating script
  68. redirect with session problem
  69. Apache2/PHP5/FedoraCore4 and LDAP querying
  70. FormMailer help Please
  71. line error on mail send form why..it used to work?
  72. "Cannot use a scalar value as an array"
  73. Can you format php's date() to use a timezone?
  74. script error
  75. How to mantain information?
  76. Internet Connectivity
  77. Session Based Blog System
  78. variable problem,,,
  79. Writing to a file using fopen under /app/
  80. Simple Question!
  81. php script to upload jpg and create custom html file
  82. Picture gallery code help
  83. Custom page based off username
  84. needing Simple Download / File Management script
  85. using mail() function on micro$oft server
  86. Getting Variables from Arrays from Functions
  87. CCbill connectivity
  88. Storing arrays into Session Variables
  89. includes and relative paths
  90. Table & delay question
  91. Duplicate entry at 3 primaery key field...
  92. PHPFormGenerator - textarea - help!!
  93. Get Referrer
  94. Script runs but page won't load after form submission
  95. Detecting CPU load with PHP
  96. Naming variables with a variable? - Solved
  97. I need a SECURE form that goes to email...
  98. SendMail Extreme Formatting
  99. Difficult to name this: Getting >= from a variable
  100. Is this possible?
  101. shopping cart using sessions
  102. Using RegEx to read a settings file
  103. Problem with pspell_new() function of PHP
  104. shell_exec() question.
  105. SOLVED Probally a simple solution: query table doesn't work
  106. max_execution_time
  107. Call on ASP Variables via PHP
  108. Online store payment.
  109. file cpoy problem...
  110. Loading data to a popup
  111. Executing PHP from MYSQL DB Problem
  112. session countdown timer
  113. email php on windows xp
  114. Slow performance of the code, Can you help me out?
  115. moving db data to another db..
  116. PHP Email Form
  117. Strange Swtich Behaviour
  118. Select specific records from MySQL database by clicking link
  119. GET_variable and javascript
  120. help with echo
  121. Email form?
  122. i cant use line breaks in images
  123. pdf form merge with mysql data
  124. Mass-Emailer Not working, Help
  125. Good Tutorial
  126. Site developed with mysql stored coding
  127. Keypress event
  128. The $_GET challenge
  129. SiMpLe QuEsTiOn
  130. splitting up array
  131. Storing forum details in mysql
  132. How do I distinguish between numbers and letters in query string
  133. Email form says it sends, but doesn't
  134. Get stuff following the ?
  135. reg use of xml rpc
  136. PHP not cross browser?!
  137. Review section
  138. File lister?
  139. converting PHP records to excel file..
  140. Best way to handle <FORM> result page ?
  141. Not getting correct reports
  142. Trying to use javascript in a php website.
  143. Determining how a form was submitted
  144. PHP + XSLT + IIS = crash?
  145. Making links clickable
  146. The DOCTYPE on a PHP page ?
  147. stripslashes() adds slashes ?!?
  148. Where do I put this code?
  149. Hiding graphic with if($_SERVER["PHP_SELF"]
  150. querying development
  151. PHP file upload on windows server
  152. Prado
  153. gd pixel color value ends up all blue and dark
  154. Couldn't see jpg.
  155. Picture Rating Website Help
  156. eregi sentence parse error?
  157. I would like to use Pspell...
  158. where do i program php?
  159. displaying pictures from database using php
  160. Sending Email in PHP trouble
  161. Session problem on this site, need some help please.
  162. Function help!
  163. sending mail
  164. Adding an alt attribute to an image link through php
  165. Dynamic Tables and PHP?
  166. Can't find the bug in my script..any ideas?
  167. Using PHP Validation with JavaScript
  168. Database output sorting
  169. Wrapping text using imagettftext
  170. output control function here?
  171. Page names.
  172. enabling barcodes in linux
  173. opening pdf with acrobat....
  174. Variable function call
  175. Includes for beginners
  176. Tables in PHP (+MySQL)
  177. Download through a PHP script
  178. some swf files upload, some not
  179. help with select statement?
  180. Uploading in PHP
  181. not sure where to post this one
  182. Please i need html help!
  183. echo "Hello World"; problem! problem! problem!
  184. Where should I put phpbb2 in web hosting directory?
  185. question about sessions?
  186. Upload file problem
  187. A Strange problem- Need solution
  188. Delete All Contents of Directory BUT DON'T Delete the directory.
  189. securing script to not include from certain subdir's
  190. PHP Form Validation (Discussion)
  191. Trying to show buddies in profile page
  192. Checking files contents - little help
  193. regular expressions for form validation
  194. First If Is Always True
  195. menuarguments
  196. Differen includes
  197. simple question with time() manipulation
  198. Php photo album that figures out pic dimensions
  199. Table sorting 2
  200. 'Sort by' problem
  201. Exploding a String Question
  202. Echo Problem
  203. <TEXTAREA> to Rows ?
  204. Formail Script
  205. do I got the wrong idea??
  206. convert PDF to graphic (gif, jpg, etc) or html
  207. Project: giraFFe (new card gaming engine, help wanted)
  208. doing a tutorial - cant see the problem.
  209. Timezones
  210. $_GET['variable']gets corrpupted
  211. How to Stop MySQL Errors?
  212. Connecting to MSSQL on Windows
  213. what does the \n do in my code?
  214. passing multiple get variables
  215. I want to look for censored words
  216. Arrays
  217. PHP/MYSQL update function?
  218. str_replace = ("-", "", (array))
  219. creating an array from database data
  220. Array Problem.. AGAIN!
  221. PHP Images Functions Part 2
  222. Find position (index value) of array key
  223. insert values with a combo box
  224. Stuck on an INSERT..
  225. session - redirect url cannot load!
  226. more array problems with this rubbish book!
  227. ...nothing happens... at all
  228. Is there any Thumbnail Class in PHP
  229. difference between include and Reuqire_once
  230. could not load swf..
  231. .inc
  232. strtotime problem
  233. Server side language
  234. Login Script??
  235. Upload Script
  236. MID TO MMF PHP Class
  237. ImageMagick trouble
  238. wots wrong here?
  239. How can I submit a form using CURL to a site protected with digital certificate?
  240. using php with flash
  241. PHPTraK - Can someone help me work it out?
  242. Maintaining line breaks in MySQL?
  243. natsort() issue - arranges incorrectly
  244. Arrays and other functions
  245. Include in Include giving problems
  246. verisign - payflow
  247. utf8 characters
  248. A little help needed!! PHP/Cookies/SQL
  249. include php tags NOT working! asap help please
  250. Include page help

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