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  1. "Continue Shopping" PHP Sessions
  2. I cannot get my PHP login script into a .php page! It redirects me to another page! *
  3. Help with email signup (single textbox emailed to myself)
  4. Variables returning blank values!
  5. Ignor certains db_table fields during php/mysql insert
  6. Resolved JS in PHP
  7. adding data into mysql database + image/thumb handling
  8. Simple Login for a website
  9. Striplashes to database
  10. upload a few files and then have them rename with rand()?
  11. Needs help with this!
  12. Singleton Pattern
  13. Regex question
  14. How best to store this table in MySQL and print it with PHP?
  15. Appending variables to contact page
  16. Autosuggest/SQL query works sometimes
  17. Getting me started with a form
  18. Adding a reference to an album upload
  19. No error in local host but error in server
  20. Handling space character in Forms
  21. Display two images with gd
  22. Regular Expressions
  23. Need help :(
  24. email error
  25. checking for duplicate input
  26. help with function to crawl for links in all website.
  27. Help with posting data to text file
  28. Prevent from Submitting Again
  29. Selecting and using only a section of results from an array
  30. Pass two values into mysql
  31. how can I write out a loop inside this array?
  32. Writing Array of Classes to DB Without Using Session
  33. function in class is undefined: OOP help needed
  34. PHP reading a file
  35. stripslashes help
  36. Facebook like system.
  37. Post subject: php form help PLEASE!
  38. Calculate area of a rectangle?
  39. Problem in Subtraction
  40. need autoinserting a couple of values
  41. global variable
  42. Eof bof
  43. session_start() Cannot send session cookie
  44. find out if POST array has value
  45. Code for radio button
  46. how to display values from mysql DB ???
  47. sending formated sms with PHP
  48. php date format
  49. sum column total from db
  50. Tricky Php Timecode Issue for Radio Site - Willing to Pay for Solution
  51. Running a .exe program from a linux server
  52. Read Dir help
  53. Set active page based on $_GET[] and mysql_fetch_object in php
  54. preg_match help
  55. IF Else Statement Problem
  56. date format help.
  57. Building forum sugesttions
  58. Getting individual information from XML array
  59. Need help with redirect code. not really sure how to do this...
  60. Timestamp Convert
  61. List item Allignment
  62. replace only the first occurence of a character
  63. IF Statement for Submit Button
  64. $ Globals Array
  65. New to PHP, Need help with Twitter Feed
  66. PHP Directory
  67. PHP - Retrieving Yahoo Weather script
  68. IP Ban
  69. passing parameters from one page to another
  70. Date not inserting into database?!
  71. newbie - help with recaptcha
  72. 2 word name is going into database as 1 word
  73. passing an array to a function in PHP
  74. PHP add up MYSQL values
  75. Ending Slash
  76. writing out Javascript in PHP
  77. Need help
  78. Additional option PHP Poll
  79. Issues with Inserting Header Image
  80. find out if PayPal payment went through ok or not so can store 'paid' in mysql.
  81. Count and rows code
  82. convert php site to wap site.
  83. Sum of table rows will appear in a textfield
  84. XML getting a value
  85. How can I remove values from array
  86. Country : (unidentified) GEOIP_COUNTRY_CODE
  87. Tag description code in Wordpress
  88. CURL get PHP
  89. regex split string, remove prefix
  90. Resolved IF, AND, OR statements
  91. PHP execute file on client's machine
  92. Extending DOMDocument and setting doctype
  93. Receiving POST data through proxy (paypal IPN listener)
  94. do something if string changes, help :D
  95. questions on remote php source files (include)
  96. PHP MySQL database creation and sorting
  97. Java PHP Multiple Image Uploader
  98. OOP problem
  99. Create upload progress bar with php
  100. restrict some page access to users
  101. using google adwords api in php - reg
  102. Inserting selected records using checkbox Getting ERROR MSG?
  103. easy way to select a field from sql using PHP
  104. asynchronous download and output
  105. PHP Poll not working right
  106. Can someone point me where to go with this?
  107. How to put a table cell content in a variable?
  108. UPS Api
  109. Communicating between two users/sessions
  110. Resolved Display only images in News List...
  111. So confused, setting up a user account page
  112. need help creating simpl php comment page
  113. Refined search via Google, Bing and Yahoo search engine simultaneously
  114. Resolved get current time question
  115. Resolved preg_match help to allow enter in textarea box
  116. Help with a parser script please?
  117. PHP Remote Ultra VNC script
  118. pleas help me how to connect db with php class
  119. please help me with php class
  120. PHP redirect when mysql_connect() is false
  121. Please Please Help me with this sum function
  122. PHP cookie session_id manipulation
  123. foreach? - treat first, middle and last differently
  124. I built a dev tool and would appreciate comments
  125. Email Jpeg Attachment in PHP from webform
  126. Newbie, spacing out an article....sorry!
  127. How to add a referrer system in current system?
  128. Easy way to list users with PHP & MySQL
  129. Link different options in my drop down form
  130. Number of downloads script?
  131. contact form
  132. Update via Textarea
  133. Contact form issue...
  134. Help to fix errors
  135. defining the after ? to what is globbed
  136. Wont delete table row by ID
  137. Creating a portal
  138. PHP Form - Post method data/variable truncated
  139. Change variable in session and redirect user
  140. PHP/jQuery problem with upload script
  141. ISO regex guru for help in multi-line pattern match
  142. VB Logged In
  143. Sorry me again....just trying to update a record
  144. basic query is showing as error
  145. filter blank field in db
  146. DO keyword
  147. Resolved Form...
  148. Sum Of Filtered Results - LARGE
  149. Resolved SELECT Statement using PDO returns empty array only if I use bindParam()
  150. Problem in mysql statement and if condition
  151. php to data base suggestions/help
  152. edit a word document
  153. Resolved Code Form help needed newbie
  154. replace image in folder
  155. Htpasswd and cookies help.
  156. Convert chars in url (%E0%EB%E5%) to cyrillic
  157. Help with PHP mail form
  158. Cannot modify header information
  159. Get sending page name
  160. Importing a Multi-line CSV file into MySQL
  161. RESOLVED query position numbers?
  162. mysqldump not dumping in php
  163. preventing form re-submission on refresh
  164. Session problem
  165. php session, hold current url
  166. XML and PHP
  167. Subtract From and Update mysql database field via php
  168. PHP Cookies
  169. Resolved Print the other rows as blank and not just the ones that meet a queries...
  170. array_keys() taking in invalid arguments
  171. php/mysql next and previous rows
  172. If / Replace
  173. Check if SESSION exists after login
  174. cookies
  175. Question about status updates
  176. Create a countdown clock whos base value is a UNIX timestamp...
  177. Non-Standard newline character
  178. highlight search terms after PHP search
  179. Using php to change content depending on day of week
  180. Header Redirect Security
  181. types of submit switches
  182. simple oop question
  183. Alternative To .NET Report Viewer Control
  184. Foreach help?
  185. Pass Data from One Form to Another
  186. Get textbox value into php without submitting form
  187. Resolved Prevent email form from being sent if URL is provided in message
  188. Form Validation and Submission
  189. Signin page to direct user back to their original page
  190. Billing, Cpanel and webmail login form.
  191. Live video streaming
  192. Link to content
  193. split the class
  194. Inserting value from one table to other table's column for specific user
  195. inesrt Query need some help !
  196. SQL injection
  197. Putting php variable into html text box
  198. php code to click/visit urls submitted from forms?
  199. php giving me trouble with my tables?
  200. displaying an image from a MYSql database.
  201. Adding a unique record to DB
  202. Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
  203. Using php Function
  204. CKeditor - Removing \r before submit to mySQL
  205. News website
  206. Advice about this form of password encryption.
  207. how to delete it?
  208. Need help with ssl curl - flight schedule
  209. Why record is not inserted in the DB
  210. form Security protection
  211. Help with SMTP email
  212. Delete Entry that has apostrophe
  213. get DIV content to textarea !
  214. custom mysql database search assistance
  215. Get XML Data into Magento via the Magento API
  216. [help] most annoying error
  217. Page creation through multimedia files
  218. Hiding the URL.
  219. Twitter's robots.txt question:
  220. Need a script repaired
  221. extract data from Function
  222. Resolved No error reporting in upgrade to 5.3.4
  223. urlencode/decode question
  224. help with Varchar(no#) result
  225. free php hosting
  226. How to use PHP pspell_config_repl
  227. Error querying database :( HELP!
  228. Not seeing the end of the problem
  229. problem start session
  230. phpmyadmin backup
  231. catching in array the values posted from a form
  232. Problem Looking For 2 Variables In String
  233. Coding Help
  234. How to display multiple (unknown) mysql query results in one html?
  235. How may I insert html into $lang = array_merge (PHP)
  236. Ajax Post Issue !
  237. Resolved update mysql database depending on number typed in a form
  238. echo numeric characters ONLY in a string?
  239. Reliable-PROVEN Groupon like script needed
  240. Dividing negative,0,positive value of a field by 5?
  241. using 'DO' in a query string for function calls
  242. mysql update fails
  243. creating word documents using php
  244. Form won't post
  245. Need help modifying some PHP
  246. Temporary Email Forwarding Script
  247. $_REQUEST Help to $_GET My Form $_POSTed
  248. function call with an include()
  249. Keep ID to another function
  250. need help sending text message with php

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