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  1. Capturing where user has came from?
  2. Random "new" error!
  3. reading back from dynamically generated uri
  4. increment count
  5. CakePHP permission error
  6. Ads coding
  7. problem with nusoap request
  8. help needed in download attachment
  9. How to get an email GUID with PHP
  10. MAC OS X 10.5.8 - Compatible XAMPP version???
  11. i need a sample code for my library system
  12. Please help me oh yee magical programming masters :)
  13. Resolved not sure where this belongs
  14. Help! All wordpress posts showing same day! Why???
  15. AJAX Product Selection and Row Add/Delete
  16. php mysql dropdown lists help
  17. Sending a $_POST for an unchecked checkbox?
  18. checking post submit first or not
  19. Html escaping problem
  20. PHP / Smarty - While Loop Help
  21. Detecting if row contains certain info?
  22. MAC OS X 10.5.8 when php application error
  23. upload_max_filesize 3mb hosts?
  24. Resolved Form Trouble
  25. If Date sentence with PHP
  26. Newbie to PHP, Please help !
  27. efficient methods of executing multiple queries
  28. New! Please Help!
  29. Error reporting problem
  30. Mail Problem
  31. hello world.
  32. PHP Form / HTML formatting? HELP??
  33. php date time functions
  34. Dynamic page post LogIn
  35. html newsletter email help needed
  36. Interacting with another site... cURL?
  37. Why am I gettting a positive value (>0) when expecting a negative (<0) ??
  38. mail.php file does not support Russian characters
  39. Plugin not working
  40. View the report in ascending order
  41. view the reort in ascending order
  42. Script to search for local files.
  43. Preg_match_all and Regex for emails
  44. PHP doesn't return all rows, PHPMyAdmin does
  45. Problem viewing shift reports
  46. Resolved problem with include path (xampp on Xp)
  47. Tables not displaying correctly.
  48. Email PHP Code
  49. How to search for a particular string using preg_match
  50. Resolved Notice: Undefined offset: 0
  51. A small problem with sending e-mail
  52. Creating Web services with php
  53. Iframe around PHP?
  54. extract url from xml response and redirect
  55. String In To An Associative Array
  56. the assignment operator
  57. Code to get dates that are 3 full working days previous
  58. Include a php page
  59. is it possible to find the date of the last sunday from todays date?
  60. SQL duplicate row with PHP
  61. Help with GET
  62. how to add checks for accessing the pages
  63. [HELP] Deny User Form Submit By IP Address If It's Already Exists In Database
  64. Send HTML content via PHP to email account
  65. Inserting multiple values into MySQL with checkboxes
  66. Problems with if statements
  67. Premature end of script headers: newsletter.php
  68. OOP Returning from database
  69. live reporting
  70. Way to pull field value by user id of profile in jquery
  71. Save as popup window has disappeared
  72. undefined index error
  73. Wordpres : Mange two different theme using single admin panel
  74. Small Images for Wordpress Page
  75. Powerful and Unique Open Source PHP based CMS - floundering
  76. Pipe email to PHP script to be parsed
  77. PHP/MySQL forum script needed
  78. Please please help me
  79. Include PHP Content
  80. Only Showing 1 User
  81. Secure cookie encryption
  82. Please help me in solving this..Its urgent any help is appreciated
  83. href location in php
  84. PHP is displayed to page because Doctype = Strict
  85. send mail() from PHP page with external SMTP host
  86. Creating Web services with php on shared server
  87. Display help.
  88. htmlspecialchars and so on..
  89. Comparing UNIX time within a MySQL query.
  90. Serving a file download of a remote file
  91. multiple image script in dynamic website
  92. Log file from login form
  93. PHP Error
  94. PHP Header solutions
  95. Check if someone click on link
  96. Any Possible to directly edit in html output page using php
  97. Mail sending error! Please help.
  98. Need help with phpinfo()
  99. MySQL and PHP Database question
  100. Useage of PHP's Mailparse Functions
  101. Is this adequate form-field security?
  102. Looking for an ecommerce script to sell downloadable products
  103. Better way to write this if statement
  104. Resolved Unfound Parse Error
  105. Is it possible to pass value to populate sub-records without SUBMIT
  106. friendly urls and dealing with hyphens
  107. PHP pages not displaying...
  108. Resolved Query is returning all records instead of what I select
  109. php table sum logic need
  110. php mysql dynamic list boxs and fields - I stuck!!
  111. PHP Include refusing to work!
  112. can't create simple image from php exec , can create with the same command standalone
  113. Returning XML from mySQL to Populate a Tree Structure
  114. Include PHP onClick
  115. Basic Members Page + Profile Pages
  116. AP Raffle
  117. How to split field value into separate values w/comma delimiter
  118. login with sessions
  119. simple If Else problem, can anyone help?
  120. Outputting array within an array (Excel Export)
  121. trouble loading php_mssql extension(with WAMP)
  122. IIS, Xamp- Mysql Phpmyadmin did not work
  123. Using cookies to store Login information???
  124. Loading variables from a text file
  125. Efficient way of inserting thousands of rows into database?
  126. conflict post help
  127. Invision Power Board question
  128. load empty array dynamically
  129. need help with a function
  130. how to add 1 year onto date
  131. PHP Array Question
  132. Automatically Chane URLs
  133. Include Specific Lines
  134. eregi() function replace??
  135. PHP query database based on date criteria
  136. changing global text
  137. Help in Mysql
  138. How to create a user subscription system
  139. checksum question
  140. Shared/Global Session variable
  141. update not working
  142. Stop counter refresh
  143. File handling question...
  144. Using preg_replace to put a space after letters (before numbers)
  145. Very Basic PHP Help..
  146. Creating a form that links to another page and sends an email
  147. how to change php input text boxes font color
  148. Resolved how do I add on one year? to date??
  149. New Admin Cp
  150. Problem with checkboxes and drop down menus
  151. Resolved checking for duplicate problem
  152. PHP Function
  153. Resolved 301 Dynamic Redirect /w PHP or HTACCESS
  154. Automatically Replace
  155. Sanitizing user submitted html
  156. Creating a login that redirects a user to their own page
  157. Navigation With images and php
  158. Php Mail
  159. Automatic Menu Navigation
  160. How do I get the 'result' of this query into my error notify mail??
  161. Trying to do pagination with certain format
  162. Unable to Update GD Image Within A Webpage
  163. Sort by facebook likes
  164. Upload file
  165. Login Sessions for Mobile Devices
  166. Apply css to php echo table
  167. Image upload nightmare!
  168. Some array help please
  169. <br/> to newline trouble
  170. insert and retrieve text
  171. If statement to verify MySQL Record
  172. Popup Form Help
  173. multiple subject in a single contact form
  174. Undefined variable error on variable perviously used
  175. Problem with my include file
  176. use php to select items out of stock and enter into reorder table
  177. else if quick question
  178. Fingerprint scan to find records in database
  179. Javascript Syntax Highlighting
  180. Function parameter is empty
  181. Array from filenames
  182. Is there any way to turn this javascript code into a php code?
  183. $_POST returns only last array number
  184. Create PHP code which convert words and save into file - need help
  185. PHP 4digit no save to mysql problem
  186. can someone fix my error?
  187. "syntax error, unexpected $end" how to fix this error?
  188. Check for Duplicates?
  189. textarea value process
  190. using insert with select does not seem to work with wamp server
  191. select and insert together get following errot message
  192. Strip a word from a variable
  193. Creating an advanced comment/reply system
  194. PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice
  195. how to determine $page
  196. coding error
  197. Getting the sum of a the value in multiple mysq rows with PHP
  198. passing variable via url to a select box
  199. speed of 5 INNER JOINS vs. one table
  200. PHP mail scripting--- need a little help
  201. php shopping carts...question about the checkout URL
  202. how to output it?
  203. problems with preg_match()
  204. PHP information From other Site to My Site
  205. phpMyAdmin: Error 1045
  206. How to combine three parts of code
  207. Limit Character Output
  208. Regex across multiple lines
  209. date headache.
  210. Show if admin=1
  211. Cant get this simple class assignment working :-(
  212. POST data validation help
  213. Form, If other then show this question too.
  214. How can I get USERID from setting RSUSER session?
  215. upload pictures and display
  216. Matching information in mysql_fetch_array results
  217. Strange in Re Write..
  218. How many of you use OOP with PHP?
  219. How to find local host name
  220. checking mysql record exists problem
  221. How to find the exact PHP template I need?
  222. code doesn't return the expected data?
  223. Error on loading PHP pages! Please help.
  224. file include not getting proper error if !file exists
  225. Keep Submitted Values In A Form
  226. messy code please help
  227. search and assign
  228. preg_replace whitespace removal
  229. use the button name in an SQL query
  230. Merging Scripts-Advice Needed.
  231. Socket help
  232. Automatic League Table
  233. Need wordpress children to inherit parent header
  234. Resolved Creating thumbnails
  235. [Vbulletin 4.0.8] Subscriptions
  236. Help! PHP code to display .HTML pages..
  237. PHP Mailing a Form
  238. Using PHP to Record payments into database
  239. preg_replace that ignores content inside a, img and other specified tags
  240. Matching "*" using preg_match. Please help.
  241. PHP and a little AJAX
  242. why can't upload image
  243. INSERT INTO multiple times should be once
  244. Popup Form Php? Html?
  245. Form needed newbie
  246. form help needed
  247. Help with Poll needed
  248. How to read lines from TXT file?
  249. Building a custom CMS based on PHP (OOP)
  250. Submit button not working in IE

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