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  1. While loop, works for 1, not for AND
  2. Ways to read a file from an external host
  3. how to rotate and crop a transparent png?plz solve my problem
  4. popup to upload a file
  5. Adding Namespace with php
  6. Unable to find socket transport ssl while using PHPMailer
  7. Basic PHP Help
  8. How can i?
  9. clearing the broser history information
  10. Dynamic dropdowns [solved]
  11. Need to pass userid from url to php
  12. Upload Speed Test script needed.
  13. query and view data in the web, help me.
  14. Array Questions
  15. preg_replace $pattern help
  16. Auto-Generation of an Array
  17. Regular Expression Question
  18. error with upload php file...
  19. wierd session error
  20. PHP vars getting set in JS section
  21. Register Info Not Inserting Into Tables
  22. problem with deleting the clientside cookie
  23. Any help on formatting with a <hr> or --------- after each item?
  24. Check is the frame loaded
  25. PHP Emailing
  26. phpOblib
  27. Problem using PHP
  28. need help PLEASE READ
  29. php/mysql search page
  30. First Row Missing!
  31. Parse Error
  32. mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  33. two languages. the require does not update ?
  34. Nasty Problem (Solved!!!)
  35. POSTing an entire listbox
  36. php in CSS
  37. PHP Error
  38. Resolved Getting all tables in a database
  39. If 'userlevel = 2' PROBLEM! =(
  40. Setting up a cookie Error
  41. Links deactivated when using <include>?
  42. unable to echo array
  43. How to Play Video and Audio
  44. Automatically delete advertisements with today's date
  45. Unexpected $end/T_VARIABLE
  46. Insecure Paypal script
  47. (Easy enough) Please help join this two codes
  48. html email variables?
  49. UPDATE Query Help
  50. Serious PHP help needed. (constants and require_once)
  51. Passing Information over Link
  52. PHP Won't echo?
  53. syntax error, unexpected T_STRING - one line :(
  54. Background code inside a php function
  55. Variable variables and creating objects
  56. Only One Variable Being Printed
  57. Using email address to validate users...
  58. php search box form...
  59. changing file name with php
  60. Include Errors
  61. Convert email address in string to html
  62. can't close mySQL connection
  63. Calling a static method
  64. conection php with MySQL (case)
  65. equire ("style/default.css"); or include or whatever . the default.css is parsed as
  66. Include Statement Help
  67. Select multiple values without using options
  68. getting odd number in error message
  69. Script refuses to send email... Well partially...
  70. Stopping programs logging in
  71. BBCode in PHP...
  72. Client Side Certificates
  73. Issue with code
  74. Variable Declaration
  75. Help with php array
  76. Supporting PHP 4 necessary?
  77. RAND() Function QUERY Help
  78. is it possible to structure an email created from a form?
  79. What's the benefit of abstract classes and interfaces?
  80. How to use classes
  81. List Of Five letter words
  82. Warning message in my PHP code.
  83. conversion of java to php code
  84. getting php login to myspace instead of me
  85. PHPGmailer Help
  86. software for php form validation
  87. PHP code for a membership registration details
  88. Euro woes
  89. Another T_String Error ()
  90. Converting time into seconds
  91. write a content to file
  92. how do i write a for each?
  93. PHp Email Forms
  94. 2 tables how to display data
  95. Array not written properly
  96. object oriented php strategies
  97. positioning the internal array pointer manually?
  98. Reorder an array somehow..?
  99. PHP global var and mysql_list_tables()
  100. pagination error on online server
  101. Converting Date to TimeStamp
  102. Confusing Myself
  103. echo(htmlspecialchars($message)); shows text in one complete line!
  104. using field counts
  105. error in counter service script
  106. about preg_match_all statement
  107. No freakin' output...
  108. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE, expecting ',' or ';'
  109. list only what is false
  110. Unexpected character in input: '\' (ASCII=92) state=1
  111. Urgent: Please Help: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}'
  112. how to pass array of <input type='file'> with prototype.js
  113. Is this the right way to call a function?
  114. Stopping iMacros
  115. BBCode help
  116. Timed Registered Account
  117. Script for movies site
  118. Unable to load phpcodes
  119. Having problem my mysql update statement
  120. PHP Code appear in IE View Source
  121. Set and use a variable to control page Colors
  122. Form Not Processing Decimal Number
  123. Problem Error
  124. Title Pic Not Showing
  125. RCPT failing in script - Works in Telnet
  126. Formatting Dates
  127. Link indexing
  128. Subtracting percent from a number
  129. CodeIgniter anyone?
  130. POP3 readers
  131. Stupid preg_match pattern
  132. still havent resolved language problem
  133. PHP include problem
  134. setting a cookie with php..
  135. Outputting a date?
  136. :: problems with delete record ajax script..
  137. Multidimensional array in PHP
  138. OpenID Library
  139. View Only Active Titles
  140. OnLoad condition based on web address
  141. Data not being stored/selected
  142. How to replace non-vowels in a string?
  143. Whats wrong with this query :X?
  144. giving access to pages based on cookie...
  145. replacing simplexml function
  146. Going to an id page.
  147. How to secure(encrypt) the uplaoded files
  148. Looking for someone to help me with my PHP.
  149. Return values for Checkboxes with same name
  150. Licence System Help
  151. Help with mimicking a script
  152. PHP and formating for product listings
  153. cURL Callback in a Class?
  154. Date Insertion
  155. How do I block a certain email from being entered in my forms?
  156. file_exists() trouble
  157. how would I loop this?
  158. Incoming Mail Receiving in PHP
  159. PHP - Page Counter
  160. Shoping cart, help me fix it..
  161. sorting query with most results first
  162. search for vowels inside string
  163. strtotime question
  164. Problem with getting info
  165. FATAL ERROR Call to a member function query() on a non-object
  166. Resolved Need More Help -- MySQL connect
  167. error attaching form to database! help needed :(
  168. Getting curl to handle cookies
  169. implode help
  170. Overloading "[]"
  171. Proper way to do databases
  172. DIR list Help
  173. Resolved Simple Regex Question
  174. Showing All Images in A Directory
  175. Help PHP login form
  176. Display more than one post
  177. PHP/SWF charts
  178. PHP Dynamic link for next button
  179. Resolved a couple "simple" questions about forms and php
  180. Is tmpfile() restricted by open_basedir setting or not?
  181. TZ varies from actual local time
  182. Get next ID / Better way of doing paging
  183. make a query with the value of text
  184. Resolved From .hmtl to .php does not display properly.
  185. Resolved PHP Random Image Query
  186. Resolved Post Data, Get Result
  187. Send email - confirm recieved.
  188. PHP while($var = $arr) question
  189. PHP help to save, search and edit a text file
  190. increment an array's index
  191. Blank screen, nothing shows up.
  192. Session won't keep me logged in *HELP*
  193. Convert HTML into xHTML
  194. Multipurpose page won't delete!
  195. mySQL image loading help
  196. Help with php form!
  197. Multiple PHP image galleries on the same page
  198. Shopping Cart
  199. Resolved deleting text from a string stored in a variable
  200. BBcode Error?
  201. Email Attachment
  202. symbol (GBP) not always displaying....
  203. is URL an image?
  204. Supplying a page with $_POST data follwing a server-side redirect
  205. MySQL SELECT Wont Run?!!?
  206. RFC 2822 formatted date in MySQL
  207. Form wont work!
  208. blank screen nothing shows up
  209. Noobie Needs PHP Help
  210. copy one folder into another folder using php
  211. Help w/ uploading PHP files containing Arabic text
  212. Setting [img][/img]
  213. Outputting characters
  214. 5 Star Rating Script??
  215. Help! I need to grab url from DB!
  216. No second page
  217. Adding Text to Image - Resizing Text etc... (Image Chef)
  218. Pagination not working
  219. Registration script help
  220. Is this correct syntax?
  221. Trouble with exec - silently doesn't run a program
  222. What could possibly be wrong here? (regex)
  223. zip the folder
  224. ajaxed query seems to be caching...?!?! help needed plz
  225. URL parsed from Text into HREF?
  226. help making a guestbook...
  227. Wont Insert Into MySQL
  228. Need a User managment
  229. Can't get my register from to email me
  230. Populating a 4x8 table
  231. Using include - works/doesn't work - See Example
  232. deleting text with 4 varying characters from a string stored in a variable
  233. Conditionals in a Template - Regex
  234. Login script help!!
  235. mysql_query not working
  236. Question about a sticky month selector and forms
  237. Help PHP login form
  238. Redirect
  239. PHP Terms
  240. php file() fail to open stream error
  241. Simple query help?
  242. Tables in php, rows/columns confusion
  243. Best Way To Do This
  244. Please help!!!!
  245. PHP Photo Gall is it quicker to pull from database?
  246. syntax of $this-> object -> object ?
  247. Scrambled encoding for uploads with unicode filenames
  248. converting values to percentage%
  249. RSS Feed valid but not working
  250. Video encoding with mencoder

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