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  1. Nav bar - disabling current page link
  2. readable_implode() - adds the word "and" before the last array element.
  3. Using shell access.
  4. Passing Variables In a Hyperlink or Alt or Title ect.
  5. multidimensional_array_rand() - same as array_rand but for multidimensional arrays
  6. Multi-upload Script
  7. Password, Salt, any length Random string Generator
  8. Named colors select box php
  9. Login echo array
  10. Formatting code for display in HTML
  11. Pipe bounced email!
  12. Asynchronous GET/POST Requests (PHP5)
  13. Real Time PHP Currency Converter Function
  14. FFMPEG Mini Library
  15. Deleting comment/forum posts without an admin panel
  16. google translate (no payed api)
  17. Get last folder in directory array
  18. WordPress 3.4.2 Exclude Category From Posts
  19. php list images in directory
  20. Switch between local and live
  21. One Stop Shop: MySQL Abstraction Layer Class
  22. Basic PHP Functions
  23. Alphabetical Pagination That Uses Mysqli API
  24. Screens credit card transactions frauds
  25. Public Holidays in England and Wales as Julian Days
  26. Retrieve Data from an Array the OOP Way
  27. Javascript Alert
  28. Build a monthly HTML calendar with php and the bash shell cal function.
  29. Fun with Printable-Puzzles (Revisited)
  30. how to submit combine value of checkbox and textbox
  31. Maintenance Mode
  32. Mini encryption engines.
  33. Easy Captcha script.
  34. javascript tells php
  35. A most useful page.
  36. Useful PHP Image Uploader
  37. [Script] How to Upload files to FTP Using PHP
  38. Easy Captcha Script
  39. Connecting to a Database with Video
  40. CygnusCrypt - letter scramble encryption
  41. Free Codeigniter & Bootstrap 3 Validation Contact Form Setup
  42. Checking if a user already exists
  43. Restore a demo database php mysql cron
  44. Array of 140 universal HTML colors
  45. function to add st, nd, rd or th after a number.
  46. filename substring checker
  47. How to display popular posts sorty by day, week, monthly, all (1 post)
  48. Tired of "headers already sent error?" here's a work around.
  49. Simple PHP pre-installation checklist script
  50. PhpMyNewsLetter 2.0
  51. Mysql_query troubles
  52. mysql query results iterator.
  53. php image uploader with a bunch of features
  54. PHP Registration Script
  55. Viewing item in E-commerce
  56. Converge(Virtual Merchant) php cURL Sample
  57. Unified social networks login
  58. PHP Redirect onclick button
  59. Like Functionality using php
  60. Create Vietnamese folder
  61. How can I send requests via HTTP Post to URL in php
  62. could someone check my coding please
  63. Class Module
  64. Image to CSS
  65. Advanced PHP Scripting.
  66. how to fetch multiple data
  67. gzip without headaches
  68. How to bold specific numbers using modulos
  69. echo the value of a constant in a table