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  1. element.addEventListener in nested div problem
  2. Work out a flooring area
  3. problem reloading the page
  4. script runs smooth on Safari but coppy on FF.
  5. functions and parameters
  6. get data from previous window
  7. Ajax code isn't working
  8. detect mouseover and mouseout & show coordinates
  9. Alertbox going off only on 2 clicks
  10. Strange behaviour in window.prompt()
  11. Adding javascript to a webpage inside a iframe?
  12. Help with javascript accordian menu in IE
  13. Jquery Slider from left to right
  14. Checking Text based on Option Selected
  15. Updated Values not Sent with JS Form Submit
  16. Need help with beginning Javascript Code for window.confirm() function
  17. Displaying a rotating image with rotating text.
  18. sliding div? swap html?
  19. file-handling javascript, printing sections of a file
  20. Round number 2 decimal points
  21. document.onmousemove question?
  22. Location list sort
  23. Need Assistance on How to store Cookies containing user information
  24. disable DIV on load
  25. Popup Window with second child popup relative to the bottom position of first child
  26. Javascript typeof error
  27. Need help with calculating the total rent from form fields
  28. issues with AJAX from w3schools
  29. Opening Radio Button Links in a Separate Frame
  30. how to stop look in javascript slideshow
  31. Slideshow Issue
  32. Resolved What is the best book, online resource, and software for programming in JavaScript?
  33. javascrpit textbox value link
  34. thanks and feedback needed on JavaScript program
  35. Creating a multi question quiz with one answer?
  36. Server to Server connection (with clients) ?
  37. Need some help with an autosuggestion script
  38. Getting Golf Sign program to work.
  39. Excessing Another File HTML Codes
  40. JS - Can't decipher code
  41. Compiler issue with else and if
  42. send an email when user clicks a link
  43. Redirect and Submit Button
  44. Using jQuery with other Libraries
  45. Need Help with setting cookies and assigning to a button
  46. Need help tweaking music player code
  47. Help with Adding Function number by date
  48. Please help -- javascript slideshow with links
  49. boolean value for a button?
  50. Creating a Backspace Button
  51. Redirect Help Needed
  52. Adv. Redirect needed
  53. Using buttons to check and uncheck checkboxes
  54. Need Help taking Date from form field and checking if over 18 years old
  55. Random number code help.
  56. IF Textbox = value then redirect Help
  57. CSS/Javascript navigation page identifier script
  58. jQuery tooltip only runs once in forum...
  59. help with javascript/html forms
  60. Help Closing While Loop
  61. important question
  62. JavaScript-How to Disable Html Button by JavaScript
  63. how to redirect with js?
  64. Cross Domain IFrame is not traversing
  65. JavaScript Help
  66. Jscript HTML an EXCEL 2003 web import
  67. IFrame auto resize in safari
  68. Help me to understand these codes!?
  69. Need help with my math equation getting values from form fields
  70. Checkbox validation help!
  71. Drop Down Menu
  72. XMLHttpRequest/Microsoft.XMLHTTP Confusion
  73. Javascript validation problems
  74. combine shipping based on cart quantity and item name
  75. Need help with my Math total function; getting wrong amount
  76. Changing CSS Link Color Attribute
  77. New Terra - Hobbyist Game Project
  78. change value of all buttons after onclick
  79. Hide frames in Javascript
  80. confused and frustrated
  81. flash script
  82. Population Clock
  83. HELP!! Triple Combo
  84. Help with onmouseover conflict
  85. Simple Array
  86. onblur doesnt work in IE6, IE7
  87. HELP! for loops and document.write problem
  88. clear global variable when reopen window
  89. using AJAX or JS for a dynamic frame
  90. Halt Code Execution
  91. Resolved JS Include and usage?
  92. need coding help
  93. Issues referencing the correct object
  94. show/hide on index id
  95. setting a variable using a radio button
  96. Jump to new page based on form data
  97. Keep last image viewed and start with next image
  98. DHTML Keyboard changing layout.
  99. Help, should be easy
  100. NiftyPlayer, how to cause an action when the song is over?
  101. parseInt Output Trouble
  102. Help with arrays and functions
  103. Regular expression in javascript for validation
  104. innerHTML - does not become HTML ?
  105. Debug error in simple program.
  106. js problem
  107. setAttribute() and IE6
  108. getElementById not returning a value
  109. How to append two values as a URL
  110. Left and Right Arrow keys assigned onkeydown help
  111. Onsubmit - need to add 2 things...
  112. input boxes in javascript
  113. Image file size
  114. How to Create a drop down list with states
  115. Resolved How do I select part of a string...
  116. Need help with my code for a game of Craps
  117. addEventListener not passing function variable correctly
  118. Please Help me
  119. Pop Under Script
  120. JavaScript Light box displaying information
  121. another document.body.scrollHeight issue
  122. JavaScript Image Scroll
  123. Need help finding this carousel
  124. Javascript mouseover problem
  125. page breaks when I resize - jQuery body height
  126. Show text in second div and hide old text
  127. need help with simple calculator
  128. HTML-like Comment Tags in JavaScript???
  129. sliding puzzle game
  130. How to stop double booting?
  131. Get value from iframe, "is null or not an object".
  132. Help needed - number to %
  133. Get value of input field from JQuery modal window
  134. Need help with checkbox yes/no
  135. jQuery UI - button has no rollover style?!
  136. how to create a calendar in javascript ?
  137. test my fw
  138. Variable is undefined, if else not working.
  139. Page result after submitting form opening in new window
  140. from Novice JavaScripter
  141. Help needed to change both set of images in programe when up/down button is pressed.
  142. foto slider error
  143. Using setInterval() improperly
  144. 'this' is not actually this??
  145. Simple AJAX request
  146. Connecting CouchDB database using Javascript code
  147. Fancy underling in menu following mouse.
  148. Making JQPopUp.js work in Firefox
  149. How to open a radwindow at the center of the screen
  150. Looping through Form Elements?
  151. Javascript and Pictures
  152. Plot a line using given variables
  153. very simple form validation quetsion
  154. 1 link to open multiple in forum (semi-complicated)
  155. mouseover on toggling image button
  156. Javascript timeout mouseover
  157. Cant get the focus on the first element of an error array
  158. Chrome Issue: Tool Tip Problem on Scrolling
  159. combining two functions (first one calls the other)
  160. Js document.images wont work in ie 7&8
  161. createElement
  162. Newbie problem with simple image swap
  163. JS drop down menu not working with IE7
  164. javascript date Math - date in past plus 14 days?
  165. Ignore... topic moved by topic starter.
  166. If User cannot see flash, redirect to another page
  167. Get Table Data from a Class
  168. Resolved IsPrime? using do/while
  169. Need suggestions on >.o this code
  170. Need help getting Javascript to open in a new window
  171. Resolved jquery change function
  172. jquery iframe auto height adjust for cross domain use
  173. Dynamic XML Document
  174. RSA encryption function is not working
  175. onChange function dropdown to link
  176. Randomizing Quiz question & code needed
  177. 2 JavaScript conflicting - IE error
  178. How to make a configuration page?
  179. How do I get the images links after they've been uploaded?
  180. BluelJ Help - Multiple choice quiz
  181. How to make a image viewer
  182. How do I keep a simple tally with js?
  183. File Upload With Preview
  184. if display:none, then do something...
  185. Run SQL in javascript
  186. Check if array contains variable
  187. How to put a form within a function?
  188. Hangman Help!
  189. How to make this array work with FireFox?
  190. How to call an array thats in a different file
  191. Sending Multiple Data Option Arrays Back To Jquery
  192. Resolved ZeroClipboard (jQuery version) semi-working and not working
  193. one last button toggling question
  194. JavaScript stopped working in Chrome/Safari, still works in IE
  195. stop and play slideshow..
  196. validating form
  197. US Telephone number validation fails
  198. If statement using source of an image
  199. add PHP array content to a Javascript array
  200. help making numbers counternshow double digits like.. 00/00
  201. Please Help~~ problem using javascript to create a table with proper column width IE
  202. stopwatch
  203. Two JS codes in one page, only bottom working
  204. puzzle javascript urgent
  205. create a linkable list from another list with js
  206. Submitting a form after validation.
  207. Quick javascript help please
  208. Javascript output text when text is entered to a text area
  209. Looking for simple IE6 image slider/rotator
  210. Image slideshow?
  211. Taking Information from forms to change form value
  212. AJAX select question inline html
  213. radio buttons in jave or ajax
  214. Rotating Slideshow with Video
  215. Resolved Need help with hash removal detection in the url.
  216. Assign values from array
  217. calling javascript function
  218. Javascript Wildcard for Search Input
  219. Triple Combo - Show/Hide Div
  220. jQuery corners in IE6
  221. convert php to javascript
  222. Resolved How to set a button to select a random integer from an array once?
  223. Trying to move a image around a grid!
  224. Resolved Function to write in seperate div's writes in all, help?
  225. javascript replace() double characters
  226. Javascript error code 0 on my webpage?
  227. How to Change the color and length of scolling script
  228. I'm completely javascript illiterate so please help
  229. new to JS need to validate form
  230. Image Rollover/Tooltip Won't Function Properly
  231. Plz, Help with Iframe Resize
  232. Object expected, Code: 0 error in I.E., but not Firefox
  233. Resolved Displaying more then one message on an alert box
  234. Many simple questions (maintly to do with user input)
  235. Resolved Validating birthdays on forms
  236. Couple of very basic questions do with Event Handling
  237. onblur clearing form
  238. DIV Widths and DOCTYPE
  239. onMouseOver not working in IE or Safari
  240. how do you change the image upon changing the options in select drop down box?
  241. Fancy Drop Down Menu Help
  242. image fadeout when form field selected?
  243. highlight row color when field updated?
  244. regex
  245. design program
  246. JS wont pass variable
  247. Help splitting values between seperate forms
  248. Can someone recommend me a good free javascript editor?
  249. Play sound onMouseOver
  250. ShadowBox and CloudZoom Integration

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