Hi everyone!

Ok, so i've listed a directory with ColdFusion using:

	<cffunction name="getServerData" access="remote" returntype="any" >
		<cfdirectory name="dir" directory="#ExpandPath('../my folder/')#" action="list" >
		<cfreturn dir>
And have passed it back to Flex like so:

private function rh(event:ResultEvent):void{
				directoryData = event.result as ArrayCollection;
And this works lovely But i cannot access the data, like the name, size, type etc using a datagrid like so:

	<mx:DataGrid x="26" y="38" id="adg1" dataProvider="{directoryData}" width="374" height="165">
			<mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Name" dataField="name"/>
			<mx:DataGridColumn headerText="File Size" dataField="size"/>
			<mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Type" dataField="TYPE"/>
I have read somewhere that using capitals in the dataField will return the data, but as you can see from the code i have tried this in the 'type' field.

Anyone out there have any ideas on why i'm only seeing [object, object]?????

Many thanks in advance!