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    enabled/disabled event

    Is there any event that occurs when a component is enabled or disabled? I've got to integrate with a custom component whose source I don't control and would like to determine when the user has done something that causes a subcomponent to be enabled or disabled. I can find the subcomponent by searching through the container hierarchy and add a listener to it, but I can't seem to be able to determine an event for enable/disable
    Wayne Christian

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    There is no event that I know of that will fire when the enabled attribute is changed. Your best course of action would likely be to override the setter function for the component that updates the enabled property, and fire off a custom event. Or, if you control the part of the component that is taking action(a button for instance) you can use a wrapper function to do your event functionality, and then update the component. For example:
    	private function setEnabled(enabled:Boolean):void
    		// your logic
    		customComponentName.enabled = enabled;
    <mx:Button label="Disable" click="setEnabled(false)" />
    <mx:Button label="Enable" click="setEnabled(true)" />
    That is not tested -- it's just for example purposes.


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