i have been trying to translate the text that appear in an application that take the call from the "label"

i have use this code.

when i click on the combobox it actually display the information from "name" but once selected it show again the "label" i tried to fix that using looksListCombo.text = looksListCombo.selectedItem.name and that sort of fixed but it still show the "label" for a second.

is there anyway to show something that is not the label? or to mask it?

sorry if im not clear, if there is any question or help i will be happy to answer

<mx:ComboBox width="117" height="18" id="looksListCombo" 
change="timeCategoryChanged(); looksListCombo.text = looksListCombo.selectedItem.name;" >
					<mx:Object label="All Times"           	name="Todos los Tiempos"/>
					<mx:Object label="Day" 			name="Dia"/>
					<mx:Object label="Night" 		        name="Noche"/>
		                    <mx:Box width="100%" height="100%">
						<mx:Label text = "{data.name}"/>