Stupid question: having written TweenEffect/TweenEffectInstance subclasses using Flex & FlexBuilder, how does one use that new custom tweening effect from within Flash?

For example, say that you've written Foo (which extends TweenEffect) and FooInstance (which extends TweenEffect). Within Flex & FlexBuilder, you can use these effects to animate objects easily, as described in Adobe's documentation, via MXML.

Cool bananas! Kudos to Adobe! :-)

But now say that you want to animate an object in Flash using the Foo effect. How do you do that, exactly?

I can't see where Flash's UI allows the specification of an arbitrary TweenEffect subclass. Flash's motion editor appears to enable you to tween only a very small number of hard-coded properties (x, y, rotation z, skewX, skewY, scaleX, scaleY) not arbitrary properties or styles.

So, how does one use an arbitrary TweenEffect subclass in Flash?

Thanks! :-)

Jim Plamondon