Hi there,

An acceptDragDrop() call in child items is overriding the acceptDragDrop() in the parent item.

My setup:
I have a VBox (vb) which contains child items (c1 .. cn).

The child items can be dragged and dropped within vb and also outwith it.

The vb dragEnterHandler() calls DragManager.acceptDragDrop() so that it's other dragHandlers will be called.

Also in the dragEnterHandler(), small filler items are created between each of the child items.

Each of these filler items has dragEnterHandlers that make the filler item change colour.

However, when I call the DragManager.acceptDragDrop() method in the filler items The parent's dragExit() method is called as it looses the focus of the DragManager. This gets rid of all the filler items and so they disappear.

Is there any way to accept the dragDrop in the child items without the parent's DragManager focus being lost?