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    htaccess or nsconfig, which one to use?


    On the server from my provider, i see 2 files htaccess and nsconfig?!?. To my idea it is htaccess for apache and nsconfig for , euhh well forgot it, but not apache servers.

    So which-one should I use? I tried already htaccess and the following works well:

    IndexIgnore *
    Options -Indexes
    ErrorDocument 400 /error.htm

    But when it comes to
    <Files *.gif>
    order allow,deny
    deny from all
    allow from .mysite.com

    In various forms, it denies all

    When I try to disable a directory I even get server 500 errors?

    RewriteEngine on? nothing!

    Password protection, works well!

    What should I do in order to take advantage of htaccess or nsconfig

    Thanks for Your idea,
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    read the apache error log to find out what the server500 errors were..
    mod_rewrite may not be installed.. are you sure you're using the proper syntax for whatever version of Apache that's on the server for your directory protection?


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