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    Seeking mod_rewrite assistance

    I'm fairly new to using mod_rewrite. I can get myself around with some easy rules so far. I am seeking assistance in creating a new one that I can't figure out just yet.

    I have many URLs with several levels such as:

    These are just three examples. I have far too many for me to do this by hand for each one. I need ALL links ONLY WITHIN the "domain.com" domain to be redirected to the same link, only with /us/ directly after the domain name, but before ANY additional characters.

    As I stated in the previous sentance, ONLY WITHIN the "domain.com" domain... I have to be able to selectively do this ONLY for the ".com" extension. I also have http://domain.co.uk pointing to the same server, and it's files are part of the same site. A user is redirected to the appropriate web files based on the IP address their browsing with. I CAN NOT have the following change happen:


    I hope that I've explained my requirements clearly enough. I would appreciate some input as soon as possible. Thank you very much coders.
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