I currently have a website being served from /path/to/public_html/

I want to put a .htaccess file in public_html that makes it so the website is being served from public_html/production/ but still have access to /public_html/admin at domain.com/admin. Also, I need to keep all the mod_rewrite action in public_html/production/ going properly. Let me try to make it more clear:

Current setup:

example.com = /path/to/public_html/
example.com/admin = /path/to/public_html/admin/

Desired setup:
example.com = /path/to/public_html/production/
example.com/admin = /path/to/public_html/admin

I don't mind entering the /admin/ (and any other similar directories), into the .htaccess file manually. It's not like I'll have to do it often.