Hi I need some help with a htaccess file i am working on.
I need a htaccess to allow visitors to view thumnails of pictures that have a particular suffix (eg. *thumb.jpg) but if they want to view the full picture (ie. click on the thumb) they are required to enter a username and password (the full image does not have 'thumb' in the filename)

I have searched far and wide for an answer and have come up with this so far (which doesn't work) -

AuthType Basic
AuthName "Private Stuff"
AuthUserFile /home/www.mysite.com/web/cgi-bin/passwords/.htpasswd
require valid-user
<Files *thumb.jpg>
allow from all
deny from .microsoft.com

perhaps im ordering it all wrong or the 'files' command could be nested some how, i have no idea but any help with this would be much appreciated