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    AJAX Cross Site Security

    Hi guys, I'm a bit confused as to how the security model on a browser works. you can include any script from any other site using a script tag. However, these scripts run with the permissions of the embedding web page.

    If you include a script, say from google.com, how is it able to fetch data from google.com's server say for the map api? Upon inspection, it doesn't seem that the embedded map is an iframe, rather it's generated from the server and contains data specific to method calls. Are they just using json or am I misunderstanding the security model.

    I would like to be able to use javascript on one site to fetch html content from another domain. I can include the js file from the other domain.


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    it doesn't matter where the script file comes from, but the data must be in jsonp to cross domains.

    google and others use json in their APIs to let the data flow freely.
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