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    Something like YouTube's comment rating

    Hello guys!

    I'm not very sure how to make this work but I guess I need something like Youtube's thumbs up/down function.

    I want to allow users to report whether a review was useful or not and I don't want them to actually submit a form and reload the whole page just for that cause those pages could be quite big so it'd really be useful if they could just click a Yes/No link, submit that info to me and upon successful submission I'd change those Yes/No links to something like "Thanks for voting!".

    I'd also need the same for report spam comments and broken links. Again just a link that says "Report spam" and "Report broken link" and once clicked and successfully submitted these links would changes to plain text saying "Thanks for reporting!"

    I'm pretty sure it's not something hard - I've just never worked with Ajax before...

    Oh and BTW if it matters - those submissions will be made to a CGI/Perl script.

    Thanks in advance all you guys - and let me know if I wasn't clear somewhere I'll try to get into further details ASAP!

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    You can easily Google: Ajax Rating Tutorial and I am sure you will get a walk through on how to do it.
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