I need some help thinking through something. I have a list of checkboxes on the left that serve as filters (ex: [] news, [] events, [] birthdays). On the right, I have a div filled with news articles, events, and birthdays, all sorted by date. The data in the div comes from three different XML sources, one for each type. I want the div to be populated by these three sources as they are available. Let's assume the events feed comes in slower than the other two. I want the news and birthdays to populate as soon as they are available and the events to populate whenever it is available. The catch (for me at least) is re-sorting the items in the div by date as it is populated. The second thing I want to do is allow the user to uncheck the news checkbox, and the news items go away, leaving events and birthdays.

If you were me, how would you do it? I'm looking forward to your ideas.

Best Regards,
Byron Sommardahl