Hello. I have a strange issue I can't seem to figure out. Thought I may have left out a tag or something but I don't believe that is the cause anymore.

THE ISSUE: On my site The Mind Company I have two issue it seems.

#1: It seems the CSS doesn't load properly and must be refreshed in many instances to display correctly. (Not a browser history problem) Hopefully someone can give me some advice on how to correct this issue. I believe it is due to the Ajax method I use to call the content.

#2: When the page is re sized by its width after my max-width style the browser seems to cut off the main header & footer portion to the right of the window.(must scroll over to see it though.) Not a huge problem but I would like to resolve it due to the look and annoyance of horizontal scroll bars.

I though it may be the margin or width properties but no go. Even tried adjusting the overflow but that also didn't work.