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    Ajax load external html/page file, how to do it?

    hi, im currently building a website. I am new to AJAX, I heard that what I am looking for can be done using it.

    it is for my home page, it will be inserted into a <div> and it is a list, but the problem is the list is very long so I think that it will be good if I'll categorize it alphabetically. I want it to have a link below the div tag that is composed of letters (a-c, d-f,...) then when the user will click those, the external list for those leters will load inside the div without refreshing the page...

    sorry if I can't explain it further, more detailed and clearly as I am still a beginner... Thanks...

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    this is a very common function and question. if you do a forum search for "ajax div refresh" you will find several excellent examples


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