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    Change address bar for AJAXed links

    Hello all,
    I'm sure this is coming up quite a bit so maybe someone's got the answer...
    How does one change the text of the address bar to reflect a page change implemented with AJAX?

    In other words, I've got a small site where all the pages are AJAXed into through the index page. However, using PHP/Javascript, I've managed to cobble a function that will change the page given the presence of a page variable in the url string:
    That all works fine. However, how can I have javascript change that page variable in the address bar when someone clicks on a link that is ajaxing a page in?

    NOTE: using window.location.hash is not an option as I need to pass a variable for PHP reasons. Any non-hash alternatives?

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    using the search param (?), instead of the hash (#) will cause all current browsers to refresh the page, not something i think you want.

    so, in order to use a url, it would have to be a hash.

    this means that you need to create a 'landing page'- a simple html/js page the immediately converts the hash to a search and transfers the url to your php script.

    note that this would be incoming only; bookmarking a dynamic page would use the search, not the hash. make sure your server can find both versions.

    one more idea: use ?s and a full-screen iframe to show your content. the hash of your top page can change while the search of the iframe changes
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